How to Draw Cute and Easy Animal Characters Series. Learn & Practice (Procreate and PDF workbooks)

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In the series of workbooks on How to Draw Cute and Easy Animal Characters, we will learn how to sketch, paint and animate cute animal characters in just a few steps using super simple and fun methods.

Workbook 1 (available): Outlining the cute factor. In this first workbook, we will learn what “The Egg Method” is all about, what makes a character look cute, and identify the key features of what we want to draw.

Workbook 2 (available): Tips to make our characters more interesting. First steps to adding personality. In this second workbook, we'll dive into the shape language and how to use asymmetry to add personality to our characters. We will learn to be more creative, play with proportions and draw our character from a different perspective.

Workbook 3 (available): Tips to make our characters unique. Drawing emotions and storytelling. In this third workbook, we will enjoy creating stories for our characters and express emotions through facial expressions and body language. We will also learn how to draw static and dynamic poses easily.

Workbook 4 (available): Tips to make our characters unique. Quirks, colors & patterns. In this forth workbook, we will dive into color and patterns, and learn how to apply them to make our character unique. Tips on Procreate pattern brushes included!

Workbook 5 (coming soon): Tips to make our characters unique. Clothing and accesories.

Workbook 6 (coming soon): Coloring characters. Exploring illustration techniques using digital watercolors and other brushes in Procreate.

Workbook 7 (coming soon): How to animate our characters. Intro to simple animation in Procreate.

Note: The workbooks are available in two formats:

- .procreate, so you can follow the exercises and paint inside the book.
- .pdf, so you have it as a reference. 

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  • You MAY share your workbook practices and the versions you create based on my illustrations on social media. I would appreciate if credit is given.
  • You MAY use the illustrations you create following the instructions in the workbook for personal and commercial products, as long as they are originally yours, not exact copies of mine.

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How to Draw Cute and Easy Animal Characters Series. Learn & Practice (Procreate and PDF workbooks)

33 ratings
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